Friday, May 31, 2013


3 Stroud Green Rd  
N4 2DQ

I'm attempting my first post from my phone to see if this is an easier way to keep up with posting. I'm massively behind because I just can't find time to write about everything great that I eat. Solutions are to eat less, or stop eating so much good food, but neither of those appeals. 

While in Finsbury Park to see a friend's brother in Yellow Face (speaking of which go see it, really) we had time for lunch. I remembered hearing about Dotori and then Kevin (friend's brother) recommended it, so it was clear we should go. Seafood pajeon (pancake) was ordered alongside a sushi set. This is probably my favorite seafood pajeon in London. Crisp, greaseless, stuffed with shrimp, squid and mussels - we wolfed it down and were almost too full for the sushi. Did I mention the pajeon was only £6.50? Sushi was fine but it's the pajeon I'd go back for. Go Go Go.

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