Monday, June 10, 2013

Chicken Shop

79 Highgate Road

The Soho House Group is certainly doing a good job of opening up restaurants heralded by a frenzy of press and queues. As P and I were meeting up with G in Kentish Town, we decided to try our luck at Chicken Shop, a no-reservations place that only sells rotisserie chicken. Thankfully, we were seated within 15 minutes and then the only decisions to be made were how much chicken, and how many side dishes. One and a half chickens, two portions of fries, and one portion each of butter lettuce & avocado salad and corn on the cob were quickly ordered and then we dug in shortly thereafter, all of us groaning in delight as we devoured crisp skinned, juicy chicken, alongside golden fries (and controversially, my favorite dish, the salad). I have tried to go back since then but learn from my mistakes - they aren't open on Sunday evening.

Edit: Just went back. It's still awesome.

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