Monday, January 27, 2014


38 Arwenack St
TR11 3JF

We visit A’s mum C in Falmouth fairly frequently but there are still always new places to try. This time we took cousin P with us and C suggested an African restaurant called Amanzi. I’ll be honest and say I know very little about the cuisines in Africa – I love Eritrean / Ethiopian food, and know that South Africa involves a lot of barbecued meat, but aside from that I am clueless. I was surprised by how much seafood was on the menu (and then opted for something clearly not African – the Singapore chilli crab dish). This was good, if a bit overly salted, and incredibly messy to eat, just as it should be. A tip for you – don’t get the chilli crab dip to start if you’re having the chilli crab as a main – they’re basically the same thing. A had a trio of fish, while C had a pretty incredible looking seafood platter, and P opted for espetada, which was cubes of beef skewered and presented hanging from a hook. This is a dinner I remember more for the good company than for the food though, so that probably says a little bit about it – next up is a pub lunch in Cornwall that we all definitely remembered for the food!

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