Monday, January 26, 2015

Sicily - Day 4

It has been so long since this trip (and even since my last post) I'm not entirely sure why I'm continuing on with this, but it might have a little to do with my compulsion to finish things off neatly. So I guess we're stuck on Sicily for a while longer.

We're still in Siracusa on day 4, and we spend it walking around, despite a bit of drizzly rain. We visit a museum, and I wish I could tell you anything of interest about it, except it's been so long I can barely remember anything. There was historical art. And there was supposed to be the launch party for a lemon festival in the evening. I am starting to despair at ever finishing this.

Lunch... well the restaurant was called Trattoria Do' Scogghiu. From the pictures I can see a carbonara and some octopus. It was pretty cheap and cheerful, little carafes of wine were drinkable and the atmosphere was bustly with plenty of real authentic Italians inside. 

I can tell the sun came out in the afternoon since I have a picture of almond granita and pistachio milkshake - that triggers a memory of wandering around in the sunshine, ducking into a little cafe (maybe Minosse?) for something icy, and then finding a bar to sit outside in the sunshine, nursing cold beers and reading our books (A was particularly engrossed with Gone Girl at this point). 

Dinner was at Trattoria Il Cenacolo, where I had spaghetti with cod roe - definitely something I enjoyed but wouldn't recommend to anyone who doesn't absolutely love the briny taste of fish eggs. It was a warm evening so we ate outside at a romantic table for two, surrounded by olive trees and the braying sounds of six women on a night out. 

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