Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ba Shan

24 Romilly St
London W1D 5AH

P and his friend L were up for some spicy Chinese food, so we ended up in Ba Shan. So many things looked good on the menu, it was actually difficult to decide what to order. We got a garlicky plate of smacked cucumbers to start, and then there was some brisket in a spicy sauce, sliced lamb with loads of chillies and coriander, and some dry fried green beans covered in minced pork. All of it was fantastic, though I had an especially soft spot for the lamb - the leftovers from dinner made for a very exciting lunch the next day. It's got more atmosphere than a lot of Chinese restaurants, which makes it a nice place to go if you want to actually enjoy a long evening over food rather than rushing in and out.

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