Saturday, December 03, 2011

Delhi Grill

21 Chapel Market
N1 9EZ

P had raved about this place a while back, and I had also heard wonderful things about it, so it was an easy choice when we were thinking about places to go for dinner. I do love Tayyab's but the wait and the atmosphere can leave much to be desired - and now that I have found a place that is polite, clean, and also serves a fantastic mixed grill, there is no need to drag myself out to Whitechapel anymore! We enjoyed gnawing on the bones of that giant pile of meat and also treated ourselves to dhal and aloo gobi - all of this with pilau rice and a couple of beers came to just a little over a tenner a head, which is also just as much of a bargain as Tayyab's - so long live Delhi Grill, you've taken over as my go-to place whenever I need some tandoori lamb chops.

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  1. Interesting - I went too and was slightly disappointed. The chutneys, which were highly praised, seemed bland, and the curries all tasted basically the same. I will agree on the lamb chops - they were awesome. But the rest of the food left me not overly enthused.