Monday, March 05, 2012

The Fox and Goose

Church Road
IP21 5PB

The Fox and Goose is a terrific pub restaurant in the village next to where R & S live. We were spending a lovely Christmas break with them, and decided to go there for Christmas Eve dinner, which was a really good idea. The Christmas menu had so many dishes that I wanted to try, it was quite difficult to pick - I ended up getting the cured duck salad to start and then the lamb for my main, but I was able to nibble on A's pork belly starter and filet steak main as well. Every dish was beautifully presented and the components had been thought through with care - flavors and textures combined to make dishes more than the sum of their parts. A was too stuffed to attempt a dessert, but I found some room for baked Alaska, along with bites of some of the other desserts around the table. The atmosphere was one of my favorite things as service was good but not stuffy, and it never felt like a hushed restaurant, nor was it too boisterous. If you're ever in this neck of the woods, make sure you make time for a meal here.

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