Thursday, March 08, 2012

Meat Liquor

76 Welbeck Street

The search for buffalo wings in London is over! I can definitively say that Meat Liquor is the king of buffalo wings and that I can't imagine ever finding better ones in this country. Plus, the price is just right - you get that whole pile you see there for 6 quid. The carrot/celery garnish on the side was pathetic and sad, but who cares when the wings are this good?! A had a cheeseburger that he loved, and we went with the dirty dirty chili cheese fries. I'd probably advise against it in future - it's just too much of everything, salt, spice, grease, etc. - and a pile of regular fries would have been easier to finish. But on our first visit, it had to be done, just to see what they would be like, and we did manage to polish them off, just. I have friends who seem to be coming here multiple times a week now - good thing that it's not too close to home, or else I might be doing the same...


  1. dude. meat liquor is such a weird name. glad you found buffalo wings though!! woot!

  2. I have not been to Meat Liquor so will try them. I think Stickywings in Greenwich will be hard to beat as they are the same as in my home town of Buffalo. I'm just happy I can finally get good wings in London.