Monday, April 23, 2012

The Albion

10 Thornhill Road
N1 1HW

A and I have suddenly been on a Sunday lunch kick after meeting A & D at The Drapers Arms a few weeks ago. The Drapers was so good we went back for lunch the week after, and then out of guilt I thought we should also try The Albion since it's around the corner and also renowned for its Sunday lunches. The roast chicken for two came very quickly, which made us think that there were probably just a bunch of them sitting around, waiting to be ordered. Drinks were incredibly slow to arrive, so it was only 10 minutes after we had food that we got the pints of ale to go with it. The carrots and kale came in copious amounts of butter, which of course made them taste great but they were slightly cloying by the end. I would say the chicken would easily feed four - so we packed up the rest and I turned it into stock and risotto for another meal. Overall, it's a good Sunday lunch, but The Drapers Arms spoiled us so much that it paled in comparison. I think on a beautiful day, if you could sit in the garden of The Albion, it would even out the competition - but if we're just going on food (and roast potatoes in particular), The Drapers Arms wins hands down.

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