Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Bell & Brisket

Pop-up at 
The Queens Head
15 Denman St

The Bell & Brisket is serving salt beef and brisket at a pub in Piccadilly Circus. P and I went to try the salt beef sandwiches, and you'll see mine above on rye bread. The beef was tender and piled high, just as one would like. Throw in a selection of amazing pickles and a bag of decent chips and you have one of the best 10 quid dinners in town.  Thankfully, after looking at their website, it seems that they are still in residency at The Queens Head, so it looks like you can still get a wonderful salt beef fix in Central London without paying Selfridges prices. Apparently they also do them on bagels, which I might need to try next. Go, quickly!

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