Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crane & Tortoise

39 - 41 Gray's Inn Road

P heard of this place and knew I would always be up for visiting a Japanese pub, so off we went to give it a try. P was pleased to see Asahi on draft - cold beer goes wonderfully with Japanese home cooking. I started with octopus (a mistake - it was rubbery and tasted of very little) but chose better for my main - the deep fried pork cutlet curry. The pork was crisp and juicy and the curry sauce was heartwarming, with lovely chunks of potato and carrot throughout. P got some gyoza and then went with this dish: rice fried with chicken and onions wrapped in an egg omelette, flavoured with tomato ketchup. What appeared was the thing that looks like a burrito above. It was weirdly sweet (maybe the ketchup?) but essentially was some fried rice with a very thin egg wrapping it all into a neat bundle. I'd go back and probably skip the burrito thing next time - stick with the katsu curry!

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  1. for some reason, ketchup is really popular on japanese comfort food. ketchup and mayonnaise. it usually ends up being overly sweet for me too. katsu looks awesome!