Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Islington Barn


133B Upper Street
N1 1QP

Delightfully, one of my favorite food providers,
Farm Direct, have created a pop up on Upper Street called The Islington Barn. It's full of hay bales and checkered tablecloths, and you can buy fantastic farm produce from the shop or sit down and have a hearty meal made from those same farm ingredients. When J and I went, the special dish of the day was beef stew. The bowl above was massive - generous chunks of beef with potatoes and carrots and fresh parsley. The beef fell apart with the mere prod of a spoon and the bread soaked up the rich gravy well. There were other things on the menu, including cakes, but sadly we were so full after the stew that we couldn't fit in anything else. I'm hoping to pop in again before they have to close up.

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  1. that looks amazing! just saw anthony bourdain's layover episode in london, and they showed borough market and that stand where we got the heart attack sausage roll! so delicious. definitely made me want to visit london and see you again!