Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hotel Chocolat Valentine's Chocolates

Season Of Love Goody Bag

The cheesiest holiday of the year is fast approaching. Thankfully, while I try to avoid eating out with the crowds, A and I still like to have a nice dinner at home. A nice dinner isn't complete without some sweets at the end, and Hotel Chocolat is here to oblige with some tempting Valentines Chocolates. In the Season of Love Goody Bag they sent me, I found what is possibly my favorite chocolate in the world, ever - chilli caramels. They have a dark chocolate shell with a spicy liquid caramel filling, and it was hard for me to not just stuff all six in my mouth. I'm not even much of a sweets person, but these chilli caramels have converted me. A also raved about them and has asked for more, so I know where I'll be heading before February 14th...

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