Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dach & Sons

68 Heath Street
After a nice long stroll around Hampstead Heath (as usual made longer by our inability to navigate the park without getting tremendously disoriented), A and I headed for Dach & Sons, which Giles Coren had just written about in relatively glowing terms. On his recommendation, we had the bone marrow popcorn, which I loved but A thought was too salty. We also ordered a round of sliders, some mac & cheese, and the fried pickles. The sliders were the best by far - I loved the pulled pork chili slider while A was ecstatic about the bacon and peanut butter jam slider. However, we did think they were quite pricey, and the mac & cheese was incredibly disappointing (tasted like boxed stuff, to be honest) and the fried pickles were overwhelmingly greasy. So all in all, not one I'd return to.

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