Monday, February 10, 2014

Torchy's Tacos

4211 Spicewood Springs Road
Austin, TX

M informed me there was a decent taco place in between our parents’ houses so when my mom and I were a little hungry after a day of shopping, we dropped in to grab a snack. The menu is full of tacos with humorous names – for example, I ordered a Trailer Park and was asked if I’d like it “trashy” (with queso). I declined. We also had the green chile pork taco, as I love green sauce. I asked for both on corn tortillas, which are something that I miss quite a bit in London. My mom and I attempted to share these (I wouldn’t advise it though unless you really don’t mind making a complete mess). And while they were good, I’m not sure about the $4 price tags – next time I’m in Austin my friend E has promised me a taco hunt where we go to all his favourite (and minimally priced) taco stands in the city.

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