Monday, August 31, 2009

Cornish Weekend

(From The Vaishnava Voice)

I am still pretty forgetful about taking pictures of the food I eat. It's hard to erase so many years of just diving in head first whenever anything tasty is put in front of me. So the things I ate but don't have pictures of from a trip to Cornwall are two Cornish pasties and a Cornish cream tea.

Cornish pasties came from Rowe's and a tiny pasty shop by Falmouth Harbour. The Rowe's one was a traditional steak pasty, filled with onions, potatos and steak, and the one from the harbour was more adventurous, with a cheese, potato, tomato and basil filling. Both were tasty, though I had a slight preference for the one from the harbour since the pastry tasted a bit flakier and more homemade.

The Cornish cream tea was at the Rising Sun hotel in St. Mawes - you can take a ferry from Falmouth to St. Mawes which is certainly worth it on a nice day if you like boat rides. The Rising Sun's tea is 6 quid for two scones, clotted cream and jam and one pot of tea. I thought it was ok, but those who have consumed more cream teas than me informed me that the scones were a bit dry, the jam should have been homemade and not out of a jar, and the clotted cream should have had a darker yellow skin on top that you break through to get to the pale cream underneath. That's ok, I'm always happy to try more cream teas until I get a really good one!

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