Monday, August 31, 2009

The New Yard Restaurant at Trelowarren

Cornwall TR12 6AF

For Sunday lunch, A's parents brought us to a really lovely estate called Trelowarren - there are art galleries and paths to walk along but the main attraction for us was lunch at The New Yard. Looking at their website now, I see that they aim for 90% of their ingredients to come from within a 10-mile radius, which is certainly admirable. I didn't know this while I was eating though, and the food was delicious enough that I don't think the chef is hampered by the provenance of his ingredients. We all started with a broccoli soup with bits of crispy pancetta and creme fraiche, which tasted intensely of broccoli but without the traditional crutch of cheese - I loved it and may try to make a version at home. Somehow the soup was creamy although I didn't detect any actual cream aside from the creme fraiche - I may be deluding myself but it actually felt healthy!

I had grilled plaice with new potatos, samphire, mange tout and lemon butter sauce as a main, which was also very good. The fish was fresh and cooked just until it was firm, and the samphire and mange tout were bright green and retained a tiny bit of crunch. The sauce went well with everything on the plate and portions were well thought out - large enough to fill but not to overstuff.

We ended with the chocolate cake with hazelnut ice cream - this was a bit of a letdown as the cake seemed really dry but the hazelnut ice cream saved the day. I don't even like nuts but I would certainly have this ice cream again. Thanks to A's parents for such a treat!

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