Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Culture Revolution

42 Duncan Street
N1 8BL

Met up with J here for dinner - I've been a couple of times before for various dumplings but we tried all new things this time. Veggie gyoza were tasty (and spicy! which is not in their description). J liked her carrot/apple juice as well. Then we shared a braised beef and aubergine dish, and ma la niu rou mien (szechuan spicy beef noodles) - both were good though the szechuan dish could have been way spicier for my taste. I like how clean it is inside and service is a little slow but very nice. Another place to go if you're in the neighborhood, but certainly not destination dining.

It's also conveniently located by The Island Queen, a cute pub that has one of my favorite summer fruit beers, Fruli. Unfortunately renowned among my friends for being the site of a double pickpocketing during a birthday party, so keep an eye on your wallet if you're there.


  1. Hi Marina - Saw your site on gmail :) So is New Culture Revolution very popular out east? There's one on Notting Hill Gate but to be honest we've never tried it bc it's always empty.

  2. It's never been super busy in the Islington branch either but there are usually at least 5 or 6 other people in there - I always assumed it was due to its very hidden-away location. I wonder how it can afford to stay open in Notting Hill if it doesn't have enough business...