Saturday, August 14, 2010


38 Beak Street

More frozen yogurt. I actually find the name Yu-foria slightly irritating, though I'm not sure Frae and Yog are any better. Stupid names aside, I was invited to a launch event at the Yu-foria in Soho and since I love frozen yogurt, I went along for a taste. They were serving cocktails made with the yogurt, which to be completely honest, didn't really work for me. I also tried a cup of plain yogurt with rum-soaked pineapple and mochi pieces. The mochi was exciting, since I haven't found any other frozen yogurt places in London that offer mochi as a topping. I don't think the yogurt was as nice as others I've had in London - it seemed grainier and icier and lacked creaminess. Still, it's a nice treat on a hot day and if I were passing by and craving frozen yogurt, I'd still go in.

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