Friday, October 08, 2010

Eatonville Restaurant

2121 14th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20009

Eatonville was our last proper meal in DC - a wedding brunch for the happy couple! I chose the shrimp with cheesy grits - yummy. The shrimp were tender and juicy and paired well with the creamy bed of grits. A, who is still dubious about grits, went with the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and collard greens. He was happy with that, but of course also wanted to try the biscuits with eggs and sausage gravy - lucky for him, M only ate half of his biscuits so A managed to snaffle some of that as well. The iced tea came served in cute little mason jars with handles (though the sweet tea was actually too sweet, so we ended up mixing sweet tea and regular tea to make something drinkable). All in all, a nice place for a group brunch - wouldn't go out of my way to go there, but I'd also be happy if someone suggested it.

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