Saturday, January 15, 2011

59 Diner

3801 Farnham St
Houston, Texas 77098

We took another of E's recommendations for breakfast - 59 Diner is also open 24 hours and serves the most ridiculous portions of food. The three plates at the bottom of the picture above are one breakfast. One. For one person. There is an entire chicken fried steak in there, in addition to three eggs, a pile of hash browns, and two pancakes. Cream gravy on the side. Thank god A and I split this - I cannot imagine anyone eating this entire breakfast without taking years off their life. This breakfast cost a grand total of $9, which explains a lot about the obesity problem in America. But dang, it was good, and J enjoyed his migas as well. The kitschy 50s decor made it fun for the Brits, and I got my helping of Southern food, so it ticked all our boxes for that meal.

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