Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Onion Creek Cafe

3106 White Oak Blvd. 

Houston, TX 77007

On a visit to Houston to see J, we ended up at Onion Creek, ostensibly for a drink, but then the dinner menu looked nice so we ate there as well. I made J try a Frito pie since it's such a Texan dish, and A had a chili cheese dog. I am pretty sure I ordered a tuna panini, but that is not what I received - looking at the menu I think I got a Julius panini instead, which is supposedly Italian herbed chicken, creamy caesar spread, tomato and parmesan cheese. Since it was good, I didn't bother sending it back. The potato salad on the side was a disappointment though - incredibly mayonnaisey, which overwhelmed the other ingredients. Slightly sad pickle as well. But while I wouldn't necessarily recommend Onion Creek for the food, it was great for atmosphere - a really chilled out place to have some interesting beers with friends - and sometimes that is more important.

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