Friday, January 21, 2011

Sun Wah BBQ

5039 N Broadway
Chicago, Illinois 60640

A lucky trip to Chicago for work meant that I could hang out with M, C and their adorable baby O. N also came along because we're generally unseparable when we have the chance to be in the same place. Anyway, since M lives pretty close to this place and it was dinner time, we headed off here for a girly meal. Apparently they are famous for their Peking duck, but we opted for a mixed BBQ platter instead, which came with roast pork, roast duck, and soy sauce chicken. I also ordered some Chinese broccoli and a small order of the fried chicken (which is not at all what you would think - it's not battered, it's just lightly fried so the skin gets a bit brown and crisp). M got some wonton noodle soup which she finished, so I assume she enjoyed it. Everything tasted fresh and I really liked the BBQ meats - plus it's all really reasonably priced. Funnily enough, when I met up with my cousin later, she said this was her favorite place for Chinese BBQ in Chicago and goes there all the time herself, so there you go - two stamps of approval.

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