Friday, February 04, 2011

Hotel Chocolat Valentine's Collection

Valentine's Day and chocolates go hand in hand. It's the quintessential Valentine's gift, and guaranteed to please (unless your partner is one of the two people I know that don't like chocolate, in my not-very-scientific poll of my friends). Hotel Chocolat was kind enough to send me the Be Mine Concierge Gift Bag, packed full of goodies of varying kinds. Since my own Valentine and I were not quite ready to eat everything inside for fear of going into sugar shock, we shared with a couple of other friends. I was pleasantly surprised by the Love Me Do Dark Truffles, as I usually don't like white chocolate, but in this case the white chocolate shell was a lovely counterpoint to the decadently smooth dark chocolate truffle filling. These were promptly scarfed by our guests. We also thought the packaging was great, as the bag had a clever little card tucked into a discreet envelope on the outside of the bag - you won't even need to buy a separate cheesy card (unless you want to, of course). I like the quality of the chocolate that Hotel Chocolat uses, which is why I'm always excited to see a box of their sweets. Go on now, treat someone you love!

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