Monday, February 28, 2011

Red N Hot

37 Chalton Street

Red N Hot is a small chain of Szechuan restaurants that also has outposts in Manchester and Birmingham. Since there's one in London, P and I had to try it out to continue on our attempt to eat at as many Szechuan restaurants as possible. C joined us as well and we quickly dove in with "Cucumbers in Garlic Sauce", "Fire Exploded Kidney Flowers", their specialty dish of "Dry Fried Boneless Chicken Leg Marinated in Cumin & Dry Chilli" and some gai lan on the side, just to be healthy. The chicken was the star of the night - little chunks of dark meat, deep fried in a light batter with a good hit of cumin and fiery spice, and crunchy addictive peanuts mixed in. Chopsticks returned to this dish again and again, picking out everything aside from the red hot chillies. I'm sure I'll be back, once I'm satisfied that I've tried as many places that serve this cuisine as I can find.

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