Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bali Brasserie

Kingsway Court
First Avenue

We were looking for a restaurant that A's aunt and uncle and my parents would all enjoy, and since Bali Brasserie came with many good reviews, we headed off to try some Indonesian and Malaysian food. The restaurant is in a strange location, but once you make your way through what looks like the lobby of an apartment building, you come into a karaoke bar area and then through that is a surprisingly nicely decorated restaurant in the back. There was an option for a buffet dinner, but we decided to go a la carte as no one was hungry enough to do justice to a buffet. We ordered so many dishes it is hard to remember them all, but the beef rendang, sambal udang, ikan lemak and nasi goreng stood out. I'd definitely go back here - the atmosphere was buzzy but not too loud, and the food ranged from very good to absolutely amazing. A great way to introduce everyone to each other over a fabulous meal.

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