Thursday, April 28, 2011

Benito's Hat - Wedding Special!

Benito's Hat is one of my favorites for burritos in London - I used to visit the Goodge Street location but now there's one in Covent Garden, quite close to where I work (hmm... dangerous). I was invited to try their chicken mole that they're doing as a wedding special until May 8th, so A and I headed over for lunch to check it out. We both had it in burrito form - Ben, the owner, recommended it with black beans and without salsa so that you don't lose the flavor of the mole sauce. The chicken was unbelievably tender and the spice and chocolate notes in the mole sauce were fantastic. It's nice to know that there are places willing to source authentic Mexican ingredients to make these dishes. The horchata (a rice based drink) and hibiscus flower drinks were refreshing - I have a soft spot for horchata and now I know another place to get it! Since it was my birthday, I also splurged on a dessert - the buñuelos which are crispy tortilla strips covered in cinnamon sugar, with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. If you're at all interested in trying out mole, head over soon - it's terrifically difficult to make so well worth ordering out.

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