Monday, April 11, 2011

The Bull

2 High St

After an invigorating walk on Ditchling Beacon to build up an appetite, we headed down to The Bull for Sunday lunch. The pub is adorable and picture perfect for parents - sadly the food was not nearly as stunning as the decor. I had fish and chips - the fish was very soggy on the underside and the chips were disappointingly mushy as well. Everything was a tad underseasoned. My dad's Sunday roast rib of beef was ok, but the roast potatoes were nowhere near crispy and the Yorkshire pudding was burnt. Mom fared a little better with her fried calamari. Dessert was ok but didn't redeem the entire meal - a pain au chocolat bread pudding was good enough to finish, and the deconstructed Black Forest gateau was mostly eaten. Basically, I'd come back for a drink to soak up the charm of the place, but I think I'll give the food a miss in the future.

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