Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drinksfusion @ the Cobden Club

170 Kensal Road
London W10 5BN

The Cobden Club is a private members' club in West London, though on some evenings they have gigs that are open to the general public. I am generally biased against private clubs, but since Qype was holding a cocktail and canapé event there, I trudged out west and had my name checked at the door to make sure I wasn't some ruffian trying to harass people posher than me. The event was really more about Drinksfusion, a company that combines cocktails and food for parties. To that end, they had some specialty cocktails that were being generously poured all evening, as well as little shots of drinks that were paired with the canapés.  The salmon with poppy seeds above was great, as was the seared tuna paired with watermelon shots. I was concentrating a little bit too hard on the bellinis and gin cocktails (read about the drinks here) and before I knew it, giant trays of chocolate fondue were being placed on tables. Strangely, the chocolate was not hot, though it was still liquid - aside from this odd temperature, there's not much that can go wrong with dipping fruit in melted chocolate. During a quick chat with one of the founders, I was reassured that Drinksfusion is not only for corporate accounts - they claim that their drinks only run about 3-4 quid a head at a party, which is pretty reasonable if you're doing something special. Seeing as how they are so passionate about their food and drinks, I bet you wouldn't have to worry too much about your event if they were the ones running it. 

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