Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Royal Standard

25 Marine Parade
Lyme Regis

For my first ever 11 hour pub session, we chose The Royal Standard in Lyme Regis. To be fair, the length was unintentional - it started off as a place to meet up with the happy new couple but then somehow inertia kept us all there until closing time. Some people even managed to eat both lunch and dinner there. I only succumbed to dinner and I had to get the fish and chips after seeing several people enjoy it at lunch. It is hard to tell how large the plate is in the picture, but trust me, it was very large. And I ate the entire thing, which says quite a lot about how good it was (though I didn't finish the big bowl of tartar sauce that accompanied it). It was a smart move, having a big dinner, as things quickly degenerated into Jaeger bombs and tequila shots - I credit this meal with saving me from a terrible morning after.

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