Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mulberry Manor

6a Broad Street
Lyme Regis

I have met the devil in food form, and he is a Scotch egg. From Mulberry Manor, to be precise. A was very hungry and begged for one as a snack while we were waiting for lunch. After sharing one, we immediately headed back for another - the crisp, breadcrumbed exterior combined with crazy good sausagemeat wrapped around a hardboiled egg was impossible to resist. This turned into a Scotch egg addiction that had to be fed every day. In fact, I even woke up a mere 5 hours after going to bed, still incredibly drunk, and walked 15 minutes with A to get a Scotch egg before heading back home and passing out again. I credit that Scotch egg with saving me from what should have been the most vicious hangover but instead was just a drowsy, limp one. Point is, if you walk by this shop, stay far away from the Scotch eggs, unless you want to find yourself spending every minute of your waking days in Lyme Regis plotting out how to pass by the shop as many times as possible.


  1. Damn, they were good! I wonder how easy it would be to get the recipe and make them fresh every day for breakfast. Eggs are good for you, right?

  2. Normal scotch eggs I could take or leave.
    These were utterly sublime - best enjoyed warm too!

  3. I don't like scotch eggs, but I nibbled the breadcrumbs and meat part of one of these and it rocked.

  4. Glad you enjoyed them, we here at mulberry love them too! best hot out of the oven!! x