Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Town Mill Cheesemonger and The Town Mill Bakery

The Town Mill Cheesemonger
Mill Lane
Lyme Regis, Dorset DT7 3PU

The Town Mill Bakery

2 Coombe Street
Lyme Regis DT7 3PY

I am blogging both of these places at one time because together, they created a magnificent cheese-nic for a sunny day in Lyme Regis. The path from our cottage into town went right past the cheese shop so after three days of passing by, we were practically foaming at the mouth for cheese. These are the three that A and I contributed (counter-clockwise from bottom left of top picture):

Rachel - Unpasteurized semi-hard goat's cheese with a washed rind. From Somerset.

Smoked Ardrahan - Washed rind, cow's milk. From County Cork.
Cave Aged Cheddar - Made at Ashley Chase, then aged in Wookey Hole. From Dorset.

They were all scarfed down eagerly, but my favorite was the Smoked Ardrahan, with the Rachel a close second. The cheesemonger helpfully told us that it was ok to eat the rind of the Smoked Ardrahan, because with its mottled and moldy appearance, we would have tried to cut it all off and lost some of the smokier flavor.

At the bakery, we picked up three loaves - pan d'epi (looks like a wheatstalk), ciabatta and a poppyseed loaf. I loved the pan d'epi - you could rip off chunks of it in bread roll-sized pieces. The bakery is around the corner from the cheesemonger, which means that everything you need for a cheese-nic is at hand!

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