Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Norway Inn


The Norway Inn was on our way back to London so it made the ideal spot for Sunday lunch before heading home. We had booked (thank goodness) so were quickly seated, and while A and his dad had already decided to go with the Sunday carvery option, A's mom and I ordered off the extensive menu. I definitely suffered from food envy when my dish came out - the slightly dried-out looking steak with a sad little fried egg is what showed up, though the colcannon on the side was pretty good. A's massive Sunday roast definitely was the right choice, even if the picture is a little horrifying - I kept sneaking bites of the cauliflower gratin and the roast potatoes were fantastically crispy. A was also given a choice between the rare and medium beef, and picked the rare which was lovely and pink and tender. If we ever head back, I know what I'm going to get next time!

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