Thursday, November 18, 2010


35 Maiden Ln
WC2E 7

Rules was the location of one of our big blowout dinners for 2010. A and I have both made some career changes, and it was time to celebrate! After terrific drinks upstairs in the bar, we headed downstairs to feast. Rules is famed for their selection of game, and they actually have their own estate on which they hunt the grouse that is served in the restaurant. Since I have always wanted to try grouse, where better to have my first taste, right? The magnificent bird in the picture is what appeared - two strips of crispy bacon draped on top, with a great cabbage and bacon side on the left, and game chips on the right. A small boat of bread sauce was available as well, which went perfectly with the gamey and rare bird. Thank goodness I was eating with A - it meant I could ignore all good table manners and start destroying the bird down to the bones. My napkin was covered in bloody grouse juices by the end of the meal and I'm pretty sure I had a look of complete bliss on my face - this is one of my top meals in London, ever. A was seriously enjoying his ribeye steak as well - I have a feeling it won't be hard to convince him to come back the next time we want to celebrate something big.

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