Tuesday, November 16, 2010


20 Bow Street


With most of the office away, those of us left behind went for a lunch at Zizzi to console ourselves. There was a deal - buy one meal, get the second one for 
£1 extra. This worked out to a very reasonable £7.50 a head after service was included. But, you say, how was the food? Well, I guess it was as expected - I had the calzone displayed above - it was ridiculously large, and while it was supposed to be spicy, instead of evenly distributed heat, there were small bombs of fiery jalapeno slices in there that you would occasionally get. I certainly felt unable to eat for another 8 hours after the meal, so it did its job - I think next time I would opt for a more reasonable pasta dish though as this was just a bit too much to handle for lunch. Fine for a chain that offers vouchers for its food, but certainly not anything special.

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