Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bisbrooke Ostrich Farms Burger

Market Street

Surprise, surprise, there's a market on Market Street. Bisbrooke Ostrich Farms had a stall there, selling ostrich burgers, hot dogs and ostrich steak sandwiches. Having never tried ostrich before, A was curious so we ordered one to share. The signs said these were low fat, and the way they were being cooked (smashed, poked and prodded on the grill) made me worry that they would be overcooked and dry, but I was wrong - it was juicy and full of flavor. Definitely different from beef, with a bit more of a coarsely ground sausage texture? They were very well-seasoned, and we heard them tell someone in front of us that there were some breadcrumbs in the burger mix. I'd certainly have more ostrich if it ever came my way...

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