Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eagle Bar Diner

3-5 Rathbone Place

London W1T 1HJ

Happy Valentine's Day
everyone. In honor of it, I am going to tell you about something hot that will make your heart explode - the Eagle wings at Eagle Bar Diner. J had a bison burger, but I wanted wings, and the Eagle wings were listed as "very hot" in the menu. THEY ARE NOT KIDDING. At some point, I must have accidentally inhaled a chili seed that then got stuck in my throat. I proceeded to cough up my lungs for a few minutes while crying from the pain. Poor J just watched me, aghast. I managed to cough it out, but my throat burned for the next 30 minutes. So beware. Nothing seemed very eventful after that incident, but I guess I should point out that the wings did not include any of the little drumstick parts, just the bits with two bones and the wing tips. I have never seen wing tips included before - I assumed everyone cut them off and used them for stock or threw them away - they're not edible, really. But here was a bowl full of wing tips. And we were at a table so tucked away that the servers couldn't see us, so I had to go wave down someone to order. But, and this is a major but, the skinny fries are delicious. Crispy, salty, and served in a generous bowl. Are they enough to make up for the other failings? Hmm.

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