Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Special Smoked Salmon

While at F's birthday party, I ate some smoked salmon that her partner A had doctored and was delighted by it. When asked how he made it, A said it was simple - just put smoked salmon, lemon juice, chopped coriander and minced garlic together in a container and let it sit, ideally for at least two hours, before serving. I tried this at home with smoked salmon trimmings and boy it is good. I'm not giving quantities because it's mostly to your own taste - I really like coriander, but not raw garlic, so I have a lot of coriander and just one clove of garlic in the container I made. Add enough lemon juice so that all of the salmon is moistened, but not so much that it is swimming in it. If you want to gussy it up, like at the party, you should use posh slices of smoked salmon rather than the trimmings, but the trimmings are just fine for my lunches at home. I have it over warm toast.

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