Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Benito's Hat

56 Goodge St
London W1T 4NB
P and I met up for some belated celebrations and decided that Mexican food is entirely appropriate for congratulatory meals, which is how we ended up at Benito's Hat. The sudden influx of burrito places in London has made me very happy so trying out another variation on this theme is always encouraged. It's quite simple here - you ask for a burrito, tacos or a salad and then choose a filling (beef, 2 kinds of chicken, pork or roasted veggies) and a bunch of toppings. I went with the pork along with black beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, salsa verde and guacamole. This place does the most generous serving of guacamole I have ever seen! It's wrapped up in foil (I approve of this method as it makes it so much easier to eat) and then served in a basket with tortilla chips (which were nicely salted). Seeing as how we were in a festive mood, we also had margaritas to go with the burritos.
This burrito is different again from Luardo's and El Burrito, but I think it may be my favorite so far - lots of options for toppings and the tortilla chips on the side push it slightly ahead of Luardo's. P pointed out that it rice is often slightly undercooked in burritos in London and I'd have to agree. Margarita was decent but nothing special. One flaw in our plan - burritos make you so full it is hard to have drinks afterwards! Oh well.

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  1. that is a ginormous burrito. yay for finding mexican food in london!