Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Viet Baguette

14 Charlotte Place

Met J for what will hopefully become a regular Wednesday lunch date. She had seen this place that does banh mi and wanted to try it, so we headed off to Viet Baguette. They've got a few options for fillings - caramel chicken, lemongrass beef, BBQ pork & pate, roasted veggies and grilled tofu. I chose the pork version and J went for the beef. We also got cups of fizzy plum lemonade to drink. Sandwiches are 3.70, and the drinks (which also include lemongrass tea and iced coffee) are 1.30, making it a 5 quid lunch deal.

I liked the banh mi, though admittedly I am not an expert at all and have only had a couple of them in my entire life - baguettes are fresh (they remind me of the baguettes from Pret sandwiches, actually) and the pork pate and BBQ pork filling is really tasty. Pickled carrots, cucumber and cilantro completed the stuffing and I thought the ingredients were well-balanced. Would go back if I was in the mood for another banh mi!

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