Friday, October 02, 2009


27 Upper Street
N1 0PN

C and I were planning to go see a movie so grabbed dinner beforehand at Chilango - a burrito joint close to the cinema. Prices are a little higher than at the other burrito places I've been to - 5.90 for a pork burrito, and an extra 80p for guacamole, but the burrito is definitely the biggest one I've had in London (probably about the size of one from Chipotle in the US?) Rice is cooked through but looks like basmati, and I chose black beans rather than pinto. Very tasty - ranks up there with Luardos and Benito's Hat, I think - good if you are really really hungry and want to be really really full after eating. I know the picture is awful, my camera phone is to blame...

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