Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tokyo Diner

2 Newport Place

A and I had tickets to see Prick Up Your Ears so decided to get dinner in the area beforehand. Tokyo Diner is one of those places I keep parking my bicycle in front of when I go to Chinatown but I hadn't eaten there yet, so we tried it out. We ordered miso soup, side dishes of edamame and broccoli, and a salmon set (2 salmon nigiri and 6 pieces of salmon maki) and a nigiri set (squid, snapper, egg, 2 salmon, and shrimp nigiri, with 3 cucumber and 3 salmon maki and a piece of california roll). A liked the miso - less salty than usual. Edamame was tasty as it normally is, and the broccoli was really good - cooked in a dashi broth with small pieces of fried tofu - it was served cold, which was surprisingly nice. The sushi was all fresh and the nigiri were a good size. They give you free green tea with your meal as well, and in Japanese fashion, they don't accept tips (anything extra you leave behind goes to a homeless charity). There's also no tuna on the sushi menu as they refuse to serve any unsustainable fish. This part of town is full of little Japanese restaurants but this is one of the best I've been to - it's not fancy inside but the service is friendly, fish is fresh and it's pretty moderately priced for sushi.

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