Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Cut Bar

Young Vic
66 The Cut

I could keep apologizing for the terrible photos of half-eaten food, or I could just accept that everyone reading this already knows me and knows how difficult I find it to stop myself from diving straight into food when it comes.

Conveniently, P's office is very close to my campus, so we met up for lunch at The Cut Bar, the restaurant inside the Young Vic. They do a special Monday-Wednesday from 12-5pm called the "Triple Cut" where you get a burger, chips and soda for 7.75. I got the organic beef burger (without mayo, BBQ sauce and relish - speaking of which, why would you want all three of those on one burger?!) and P got the jerk grilled chicken burger. There's also a portobello mushroom and cheese burger for vegetarians. The beef burger was ok - a little underseasoned, I think, and cooked more well-done than I would usually like, but the waitress didn't ask how I would like it cooked so I'm not sure if there are options. Maybe some cheese or bacon would have helped. Chips are crisp and chunky, and diet Coke comes in old fashioned glass bottles (weirdly, I think I prefer the stuff that comes in a can). I suppose it's decent for the price, but without the deal it would have been well over 10 quid, which doesn't seem worth it. Let's just say I had more fun talking to P than I had eating the burger.

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