Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Luardos (revisited)

Whitecross Street Market

I've been on a little hiatus from eating out, and while I'm eating well at home, nothing has been exciting enough to blog about, really. There was a pretty decent apple and summer fruits crisp, which I made before but still haven't taken a picture of, and a simple pasta dish with tomato sauce, quorn mince, mushrooms and courgettes (zucchinis!) - side note, I have noticed pasta sauce is way better if you have the time to cook it for a long time over low heat, letting it thicken and concentrating the flavors - but anyway, I just remembered that I had a burrito again with W last week at Luardos, but this time I got a different kind. Considering that the last 20 burritos I ate there were the same kind, this is actually quite exciting. So here's a picture of a Luardos burrito with SPICY BEEF rather than pork. Yummy, though I prefer the pork. Still, I wouldn't have known I prefer the pork had I not tried the beef at least once...

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