Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Siam Central

14 Charlotte Street

Apparently this place is popular with J's coworkers, and I can see why! Excellent lunch prices - one course for 5.50, two for 7.50 and three for 9.50 - plus from the size of the two courses I had, they certainly don't skimp on ingredients. Started with crispy chicken wings which I really liked - they're served with sweet chili sauce (which I don't like but I just didn't use it). J had the fish cakes which she said were ok but a little on the greasy side. I ordered the chilli and basil stir fry with pork as a main, and it was massive! Really really spicy, but with great fresh basil flavor, and the green beans and sugar snap peas were cooked perfectly - tender but still crisp. J's aubergine and chilli dish was also very good - I tried a piece of her aubergine and it was a bit milder than my dish but cooked really well. They call this the express lunch menu, and that is an accurate description - we were in and out of there in under an hour. I see the reviews here are pretty good so lunch was not a fluke - I would definitely go back again.

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