Saturday, October 24, 2009


105 - 107 Southgate Road
N1 3JS

Finally tried this restaurant that's close to home - Bavo does Mediterranean food and has a nice atmosphere (light green and white walls, low lighting, tables and chairs with clean, modern lines). Too bad this soft lighting resulted in terrible pictures of the food. The waiter quickly brought over warm flatbread and olives as soon as we were seated, which was a nice touch. We ordered the sea salad (squid and prawns over salad) and the mixed grill (lamb kebab, chicken kebab, lamb chop and quail). Nothing spectacular about the food here, but it's solid and all tastes fresh, though the sea salad came with a couple of fried flat dough things that were overly greasy. We didn't go for the special three course meal for 12.95 as we weren't that hungry, but that seems like a pretty good deal if you're able to fit in that much food. Not destination dining by any means but I'm happy it's in the neighborhood.

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