Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bou Tea

22 Wellington Street

Met up with J and D from school for a study break at Bou Tea. I had walked by here earlier in the week and it looked really cute inside. Teas are served in the adorable little pots you see in the picture, and most of them are only 2 quid for a pot (the list of teas is huge, by the way - several sheets of paper long). There are also little slices of cake for 2 quid, and some tasty looking sandwiches. I got a pot of Happy Valley tea and a slice of ginger loaf, which came with a giant knob of butter (why? I don't think butter goes with ginger cake...) It was nice and gingery, and they take a lot of care with the teas - in the menu, each one has the temperature it should be steeped at and for how many minutes written next to it, so when they make your tea they get the right temperature water and put a little timer on top so they know when it is ready to serve. Service was a little confused, probably because there were only two people handling all the ordering, tea making, serving and cashiering duties, but at least all their little mistakes were accompanied by a smile.

One other thing I like - each table has four legs, but one of the legs looks like a tree branch painted purple and it extends upwards through the table top (I should have taken a picture). The bit of branch that extends out of the table top has a fork in it, where they have propped up newspapers for you to read if you need something to entertain you. Anyway - great decor and lovely atmosphere for whiling away a couple of hours with new friends.

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  1. sounds lovely! btw - you would know better than me, but i think in england, butter goes with everything. :-P