Sunday, November 01, 2009

Base Pizza

324 Essex Rd
N1 3PB

With the help of D, A and I attempted some DIY bathroom remodeling - it took what seemed like forever and were it not for D we might still be working on it (and I would probably have thrown several more tantrums at the *$&! tiles). Obviously during this process we had to eat something so we ordered pizza from Base Pizza which delivered two piping hot large pizzas to us in about 45 minutes. Their large pizzas are really large, I think about 18 inches across, and stuffed four people to the gills. One was the Sorrentina, with red peppers, sun dried tomates, olives, aubergine and mozzarella, and the other was the Americana, with sausage, salami, pepperoni, chilli, peppers and mozzarella. They were on thin crusts and were actually quite tasty for delivery pizza - so much better than I was expecting (but perhaps they also tasted better since they were the first real food we had in 12 hours). Next time I have a giant pizza craving I will order from them again.

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