Tuesday, November 03, 2009

St. Christopher's Inn

121 Borough High Street

*Guest post by Andy*

St Christopher’s is great for drinking and catching up. The restaurant is at the back of the pub so A and I carried our ales through to the candle-lit shadowy zone where we could conspire and plot at our leisure. We were happy to take our time over dinner, which was fortunate because the staff were over-stretched. A neighbouring party of four managed to get their entire drinks order removed from their bill after complaining about the slow and shoddy service, once they had cleaned their plates, of course. But the food was excellent. We shared a substantial bratwurst sausage with sauerkraut for starts, and for my main I ordered salt beef with vegetables and broth and some kind of interesting dumplings. A demolished a hearty, if slightly burnt, Pieminster Pie and mash. With a little help from Toptable the bill came to just over 20 quid for both of us. As the Governor of California used to say, I’ll be back.

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