Wednesday, November 04, 2009

National Geographic Cafe

83 - 97 Regent Street

Haven't seen my old roommates F & A in ages so we arranged for lunch at the National Geographic Cafe. I didn't even know this place existed - it's quite calm, considering it's right by Piccadilly Circus, and it has a tapas menu so you can adjust the size of your meal depending on how you feel. I wasn't particularly hungry so I only ordered one plate of the chargrilled tiger prawns for 5 quid. Four good-sized prawns showed up, complete with their heads, along with a mache salad dressed with a light balsamic vinaigrette. The prawns were delicious, well-seasoned and fresh, and the salad was a nice accompaniment. F had the soup of the day, which was sweet potato with croutons, and A had the seared tuna on rocket with balsamic - they both seemed to enjoy their meals. I'd certainly go back if I was in the area and needed a snack, though I tend to avoid the Oxford Circus/Piccadilly Circus area like the plague...

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